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In our greenhouse we grow many things. From lettuce to carrots Zucchini to Cucumbers to Kale. We harvest, plant transplant and much more We are in Tok Alaska and our teacher in miss.bonnie

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear, Eye Arm plot summary through chapter27

Ear, Eye Arm plot summary through chapter27

1.  Tell what happened to the children in dead man's vlei?
In Dead man's vlei the children were kidnapped to sell to the Mask's (a gang). The She Elephant put them down and in a mine to mine out plastic to sell in Mbare Matsika, Tendi found a n'doro. something elder spirt mediums wore. The Granny, Knife, and Fist went out to a bar and thats how the detectives found out where they were and after they got there it was like a ghost town. when really it only looked that way.

2.  Tell how the children escaped dead man's vlei?
Trashman and Kuda had been playing in the garden. Thats when Tendi and Rita were working and then Trashman and Kuda ran towards the gate Then Tendi and Rita followed. The Vlei people rose out of the ground and then started to surround them to keep them there. When they got to the gate they saw the She Elephant come running after them. They hopped on a bus and flew away. That's how they got to Rest haven because it's where Trash man lived. Myanda the door keeper refused to let the children in.

3.  Tell what happened to the children in Rest haven?
When Myanda opened he door and let Trashman in she wouldn't let the children in because they were from outside the gate and Rest haven is a private city. When Rest haven lets people in the person has to prove they are worthy and that they are not witches. When they have the spirit medium possess himself with an Ancestor of Rest haven. He ordered a pot of muteyo (soup) that had made them throw up if they were witches or part of witchcraft. The Spirit Medium was going to make it to were the kids wouldn't throw up, but when the Ancestor feels like there wasn't anything right about the first pot he gets the second pot because that was the one that felt like it was normal. When Chipo had her baby she had twins and the girl twin was going to be killed because the thought that twins were a part of witch craft. When Rita realized what they were doing she stop them and ran out with the baby. because of her wrong doing the put Rita and Tendi were put into the holding chamber.Rita was very ill. Myanda came and told the kids how she got to Rest haven and then she handed them a bag of chicken droppings. To make them throw up. they fed ashes to the baby to make it die very slowly. and not feeding it.

4.  Tell how the children escaped Rest haven?
The kids escaped Rest haven by them throwing up and they were thrown out. Trashman had put Kuda and Rita over his shoulders and ran along side Tendi. They ran to the subway were the clock read 2:20 am. The kids ran down the stairs to the subway. Kuda said i'm hungry and Trashman picked up a bottle cap and flattened it with his teeth to put in the vending machine. they put it in and began to eat. Rita had been starved so she didn't care what it was. Tendi wouldn't eat it because he thought it was stealing. When the subway came the kids quickly ran on and didn't have tickets, but the Masks (gang) were jumping on the back of the subway train. When they lost the Masks they quickly got thrown of at Barrowdale. "This is where the Mellowers mom lives." Tendi said. "Rita whats the address again." Tendi asked. "25 horse-pool lane now leave me alone." Rita said. So when morning came the kids asked a newspaper robot said that he hadn't gotten to that address yet so they followed him till they found a road named horse-pool lane. At the end of the road a sign read "The Paddock". The kids ran to the door and rang the doorbell a robot came to the door and asked them if they had an appointment they said yes. The robot went and got the Mellowers mom and she wasn't very happy at first and then she was the happiest person to be around. She said rita has the Chicken pox and needed to be quarantined. Trashman had to say out side in the garden with the automatic dobermans. Kuda snuck out all the time to play with him until him and Tendi got sick with chicken pox too. Kuda didn't care what he had he still was playing with Trashman.

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Ear, Eye, Arm Chapter 2

      What do we know about the Mellower?
Well we know that he often forgets things. He smuggled things into the country for the kids. Also, he puts people in a trance by hypnotizing them. He is late part of the time. Why does the father trust him with the key cards?
        How does the Mellower NOT fit into this family?
I think the Mellower doesn't fit into this family because of Father and him being to military all the time. The Mellower is a free spirit and the father doesn't like the kids near him. Does the father really trust him?

Ear, Eye, Arm

How is characteristic of the natural world is banished or distrusted shown in chapter 1?

In the book The Ear The Eye and The Arm the natural world is banished or mistrusted on chapter one. I think the natural world is banished or distrusted because everything is robotic. The Mynah is a bird that the Mellower smuggled into the country. There is no real birds in the garden it is really a microchip. There is a dog the is robotic Doberman guarding the house. They have have robotic servants instead of doing it themselves like cooking, cleaning, and babysitting. Why do the kids put on a uniform and stay home? Why is the father scared the kids will get kidnapped? Are the kids homeschool?